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To see the transmitting tests via reflection

Demo in CJ 2005  with F5PNP on  02/april/2005


rx: receiver with BPW34 diode + telescope 114X900
tx: transmitter AM laser diode 3 mW 670 nm (red)
rx: receiver with BPW34 diode + lens of 75 mm
tx: transmitter AM laser diode 3 mW 670 nm (red)


cj2005001.jpg (66925 octets)

cj2005002.JPG (57965 octets)

cj2005003.jpg (40495 octets)

F1ORL's station
F1ORL's station
chating with visitors
F1ORL's station
back view

cj2005004.jpg (30859 octets)

cj2005005.jpg (67257 octets)

cj2005006.jpg (53262 octets)

Beaming to
F5PNP's receiver
F5PNP's station F6DZS tests the
670 nanometres band
cj2005008.jpg (61730 octets) cj2005010.jpg (56321 octets) cj2005007.jpg (69818 octets)
F5PNP while beaming F5PNP while beaming F6BBO and F6DZS by
F5PNP's station
cj2005009.jpg (67733 octets) cj2005011.jpg (37883 octets)
F1ORL's laser station F1ORL's transmitter

Photos by F6ETI and DF6NA
with their authorization for diffusion.