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To look at the transmission tests via reflection

expedition on 16/october/2004

Laser transmission test succeeded with F5PNP, range 60 km
between JN18WC (dpt10) and JN17RP (dpt89)


rx: K3PGP receiver + telescope 114X900
tx: AM transmitter, laser diode 3 mW 670 nm (red)
F5PNP uses the same equipment


60km001.jpg (144577 octets) 60km002.jpg (56120 octets) 60km005.jpg (75395 octets)
Path map F1ORL's station
with F1AFD and F0EPO
F5PNP's station
with F5PNP and F4ENL
60km003.jpg (30905 octets)$$ 60km004.jpg (22370 octets)
View of laser from 60 Km (F1ORL side) View of laser from 60 Km (F5PNP side)
Altidute path with "RADIO MOBILE" program
Part the audio communication between F5PNP and F1AFD HERE (WAV file length=1491ko)