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BEAM_DX 0.6b

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BEAM_DX is a free software for radioamateurs or radio listeners usage.

It allows to instantenaously point a directionnal antenna towards an azimuth, a locator, an international prefix or any other geographical position on Earth predefined by its latitude and its longitude.
The programme includes the DXCC list with their relevant geographiacal positions.
Three personal lists may be displayed to point antenna towards favourite directions.
As an example, two lists are proposed with the package : the french departments and the US States. The Help file describes how to create a personnal list with a simple text editor such as NotePad of Windows.
BEAM_DX supports the command of rotor interfaces : POURSAT, FODTRACK, EA4TX, GS232, DL7AOT, SATDRIVE and EASYCOMM.
Even if you are not equipped with a rotor interface, BEAM_DX will be helpful to rapidly know the azimuth to be set on your rotor for a given country, state, province, district or any other favourite stations.

Version 0.5
-Add DDE exchange (see help for parameters)
-Add Up/Down setting for Azimuth

Version V0.6
-Minor corrections

Version V0.6b
-Corrections in the DXCC list