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(Version down the 26/09/2010)

Also function under Linux with wine (test with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn)

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This freeware program generates the standard Morse caracters, Q codes,
abbreviations, random series of characters and text files. It controls
your knowledge through a Quiz test and helps you to get a good keying
by monitoring your CW signals. Keying off air and verifying your
transmission on the screen will let you go on air with less stress and
more confidence.
It generates Wave sound files (*.wav) of morse characters that can be
played by any media software.

Local characters can be created by yourself.
20 lessons are proposed to learn the Morse code. You can modify their
contents as you like.

CW_Player needs a sound card and Win95 or more.

IMPORTANT : If this program is to used under WinXP/NT/2000, it is mandatory
to copy IOCTRL.DLL in the Windows/System32/directory and the driver zntport.sys
in the Windows/System32/Drivers directory before running CWPLAYER the first time.

Besides the Help files, a few hints are displayed when the mouse points
on controls or boxes.

Windows features such as Copy (Control-C) and Paste (Control-V) can be
used to select part of a random serie and replay it by copying in the
Text box or save it in a file by using the Paste with your favorite
editor. (Note that the TEXT window accepts only ONE record so, only ONE
line of an ASCII file can be pasted in this window.)

This program is mainly intended to be downloaded by WEB surfers from
radioamateur sites.
Its purpose is to initiate non-radioamateur people and no-code licensed
hams with Morse code and help them to get on the HF bands.

So, don't hesitate to propose this software to your visitors if you
manage a radioamateur WEB site.

However, this program may also be used for your own morse training, for
CW instructors or for training on the air by connecting one of the output
of your sound card to the audio input of your SSB or FM transceiver.

- Replacement of the Joystick component

VERSION 3.2.5a
- Add the Clear button in the Monitoring window

- Option Lowercase for the Random window

- Option Vocabulary

- Option Examen France (in french language only)
- Word and text files proposed for the Vocabulary option

- Options for variable speed and variable delay in Quiz mode.

- To fix an anomaly when monitoring single key signals.

- correct an error related to the saved serial port
- option to mask the hints (but not MSG and real speed)
- save the last position of the main window
- option to create frequency drift in random mode and file mode
- creation of the Entry sheet in random mode and file mode
- update portugeese texts
- option to key morse with the CTRL key of the keyboard.
- upgrade audio and direct decoding
- in QUIZ mode, option to shorten the delay when an answer is given
- in QUIZ mode, menu to show errors immediately and before resuming
- in QUIZ mode, menu to replay the erroneous characters
- in Monitoring window, to add the live morse code display