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To look at the transmission tests via reflection

expedition on 03/september/2005

Failed laser transmission tests, range 173 Km with F8DO and F1AVY
between JN35KV and JN26IF.
From the Aiguille du Midi in the Alps, altitude 3842 metres
The tests were not performed because of  dick fog at F8DO location
TM4MB/TM8MB team collaborated to the tests


rx: K3PGP receiver + telescope 114X900
tx: AM  transmitter with laser diode 120 mW 784 nm (infrared)


Path map Myself ;-) it's up there
We are here Laser station Waiting for the night
In the dark and the cold View to F8DO/F1AVY Why infrared?
Altidute path with "RADIO MOBILE" program