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SIMPLEX is a program which manages a simplex or duplex repeater. It requires Win95 or later, 16 Mb of RAM and a sound card.

In Simplex mode, the repeater uses the same receive and transmit frequency. It records and replays alternatly the received signals. This mode allows anybody who possesses a single transceiver to transform its station into a repeater. 
The station will be able to repeat packet frames without the need of a TNC.
Your friends will be able to perform modulation and decommutation testing through your station while your are doing some gardening. Any modulation may be recorded (SSB, FM, Packet, SSTV, PSK31 etc).
Friends who cannot access a duplex repeater will be able to contact some more correspondants through your station.
In Duplex mode, the program acts just like a classical duplex repeater or transponder with tone opening, chat timer, beacon message etc. The program may replace a hardware repeater logic. 
The duplex repeater mode requires separate receiver and transceiver working on different frequencies in the same band.
The duplex transponder mode requires two differents transceivers working on two different bands.
A more detailled description will be found in the chapters Simplex Mode, Duplex Repeater Mode and Duplex Transponder Mode.

Whatever the chosen mode, SIMPLEX is sensitive either to audio signals or radio signal to initiate the record process. A radio signal is for example a squelch DC signal sent by your transceiver which goes high when carrier is received by the receiver and resets low when the frequency is clear. In the later case, record will start on carrier detection just like a hardware repeater.
SIMPLEX may be used with CW, SSB, FM, SSTV or any other modulation mode.

SIMPLEX allows you also to play up to 11 different audio wave messages, 6 of which being looped if desired. This will provide an efficient help to contesters as a parrot.

It is an intelligent parrot. 

- Open/Close the repeater by clicking the RPT bubble
- Set TX ON/OFF by clicking the TX bubble (same as F10)
- Choose the channel where to decode DTMF
- Use message n#2 as NACK (no acknoledege of the DTMF code)
- Don't replay the silence delay in simplex mode
- Complete english translations
This release requires IOCTRL.DLL

- Choice a particular sound card
- Run remotely an external application in using DTMF control

- Delay of silence : steps of 100 milliseconds
- Dalay to close : steps of one second
- Option to send the beacon only when the repeater is active
- TimerOut delay up to 900 seconds
(Modifications required by Filip ON4PC)

- Waiting for the end of the tone burst before opening the repeater
(This does not apply to CTCSS detection)
- Use of message #3 to notice the end of the penalty delay after closing on TimerOut
- After closing on timerout, reopening the repeater is disabled until the frequency
is not clear.

- Four LPT lines to be remotly commanded for TRX configuration (Up/Down, channel choice, power off etc)
- Remote Inhibition of a transmitter

- to fix a problem that could appear on display of local sound cards

- To fix a bug when opening the message configuration panel

- Add the full recording option for long monitoring of bursts or short signals.